Thursday, July 23, 2009

Volunteers Needed

We need volunteers to help with the reunion on Saturday, any takers? Tasks include: sign-in help, decoration put up and take down, award presentations and prizes, and directions posters/signs to find the ranch.

Please leave a comment or email

We can't wait to see everyone there!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tickets now on Sale!

Reunion dinner tickets are now officially on sale!

The dinner will be Saturday September 12, 2009 from 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm. Advance tickets are only $45 per person. After August 1, 2009, the price will increase to $50 per person, so get your tickets quick!

Here's is the weekend agenda:

Friday night - AHS/THS football game. Tickets can be purchased at the gate. We will have a reunion section roped off. Bring the whole family!

Saturday night - Reunion Dinner and Dance for adults only. The ticket price includes appetizer, dinner, non-alcoholic drinks, and dessert. There will be a cash bar. We will also have live music provided by September Drive, a wonderful band of our fellow AHS alums! We will have games, awards, and prizes to help everyone get reacquainted.

Tickets can be purchased using a paypal account on the right sidebar. If you are unable to purchase your ticket through paypal, please email You will receive a paypal confirmation as well as an "e-ticket" confirming your payment and reservation.

We can't wait to see you there!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Class of 1999 Reunion...We Can't Wait!

Hello everyone,

We finally have a date and a place picked out for the AHS Class of '99 Reunion, and we are so excited! The reunion is going to be September 11-12, 2009. On Friday night, we are going to attend the Amarillo High VS Tascosa High football game at 7:30pm. We will reserve a section for all of us to sit together, and we thought the game would be a fun event to bring your kids. Then, on Saturday night we will have the big reunion party at River Breaks Ranch. We don't have a time yet, but as soon as we do, we will post that information.

We still have a lot of details we need to get to you, but we wanted you to have the date of the reunion. Please check back periodically for more exciting information!

We are so thrilled...please let us know if you have any questions. You can either comment below or send us an email at

Please forward this blog site on to all your class of '99 friends!

Thanks so much!

Please see the post below for names of people we still haven't gotten in touch with. Please have them email us their information if you know them!

Classmates We Are Missing Information For!

Below is a list of names of the people in our class that we don't have any information for. If you know these people, please have them send us their address, phone number and email address to If you have already sent your information, then please let us know to take you off of this list. Thanks so much for your help...we don't want to leave anyone out!

Nicholas Albracht

Jennifer Allen

Dustin Ament

James Anderson

Mary Anderson

Stephen Anderson

Theresa Angel

Jessie Arias

Melodie Arias

Greg Ashford

Shabnam Ashrafi

Danielle Baker

Jennie Baker

Cody Barley

Lauren Beukenkamp

Nirmal Bhakta

Jaclyn Bibb

Christopher Billingsley

Tonya Booker

Ryan Booth

Bobby Braunger

Greg Breitling

Scott Buchanan

Kristie Buckley

Jason Burgess

Ambra Butler

Beth Butler

Bradley Butler

Laura Caldwell

Stephanie Cantu

Brandon Carder

Stephanie Carruth

Paul Cash

Abby Clark

Keile Clay

Bradley Coapland

Ryan Comer

Karen Conner

Jeremy Conway

Lora Coventry

Maggie Cowley

Casey Crain

Heather Crawford

Kiley Crosswhite

Daniel Cummins

Leigh Ann Cupell

Robin Cupell

Tiffany Daniel

Chadwick Darden

Nicholas Darnell

Matthew Darrah

Whitney Davis

Derek Dawson

Melissa Deahl

Michael Deillon

Melissa Dindinger

Josh Duckworth

Drake Dudley

Justin Dunavin

Heather Dumas

Drew Dutton

Monica Ebenkamp

Lisa Edwards

Kristan Elliot

Marisa Ellis

George English

Anthony Esparza

Rebecca Estes

Jennifer Evans

Elizabeth Fairbanks

Faltesek, Joshua

Amanda Faulkner

Aaron Faver

Benjamin Ferguson

Alisha Fite

Jennifer Fletcher

Estavan Flores

Jennifer Foley

Jeremy Folley

Jennifer Franks

Jeremy Fretter

Jon Gamel

Valerie Gamez

Kevin Garrison

Jennifer Gee

Christina Geiger

Lisa Gillispie

Lauren Goebel

Stacie Leigh Granat

Irwin Gray

Cody Grimes

Jason Gutierrez

Brandon Gwyn

Cassandra Halford

Wakana Harris

William Harvey

Karena Kauter

Tim Havins

Amy Hawkins

Shanna Heaster

Dustin Heinen

Aaron Heisler

Lacy Henninger

April Herbert

Chris Hickman

Alicia Hill

Nichole Hill

Robert Hill

Colby Hilton

Jeffrey Holliman

Ryan Hollingsworth

Tina Holman

Toni Holman

Chase Homen

Lara Horowitz

Terry Howard

Vance Howell

John Hudson

Ryan James

Bryan Janhsen

Chantel Johnson

Christina Johnson

Corrie Johnson

Rapheal Johnson

April Johnston

Corey Jones

Eric Jones

Erin Jones

Jonathan Jones

Bethanne Keaton

Amy Keffler

Carol Kidd

Kory King

Andrew Klinke

Brian Knaack

Littny Koontz

Steven Lake

Wesley Landry

Tyson Lopez

Kyle Lynch

Leland Mabry

Dustin Maloy

Tomas Martinez

Steven Maruca

Kellie McDonald

Michael McGruder

LaToria McKellar

Deandra McLain

Matthan Minster

Talesha Mitchell

Willie Mitchell

Jill Moore

Kristen Morgan

Rebecca Morta

Jonathan Myers

Sania Naqvi

Emily Neie

Shannon Nelson

Cody Nevels

Praki Niyomadul

Allison O’Rear

Meredith Odom

Morgan Oldham

Lakeisha Pardue

Jitan Patel

Michael Pennington

David Peters

Carter Pham

Austin Prather

Derek Quarles

Clifford Ragsdale

Christopher Rasor

Justin Renshaw

Dorothy Rodarte

James Rogers

Lindsey Rogers

Robert Smith

Autumn Soni

Timothy Stanley

Tommy Stewart

Abigail Suelflow

Chad Sullivan

Chad Tatom

Weini Tekeste

Garet Teuton

Teriann Thomas

Adam Torres

Hanna Vimpeli

Kristy Wallis

Martha Watkins

Ryan Wells

Amanda West

Sheldon West

Jason Whittington

Ky Williams

Michael Williams

Latisha Willis

Ashley Wood

Nathan Woodall

Christopher Zartun